About Dr. Paul Howard

Dr. Paul Howard is a real board certified plastic surgeon in Birmingham, Alabama.  The changing face in the medical industry has created many physicians to practice cosmetic procedures, such as liposuction, without any formal training on the procedure.  Dr. Howard has experienced a rise in liposuction surgery revision cases due to patients being operated on by non-plastic surgeons.  Dr. Howard began this blog to educated the liposuction consumer on the importance of seeking a board certified plastic surgeon for your cosmetic or reconstructive plastic surgery needs.

Dr. Paul Howard

A Real Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Howard’s office is located at:

2010 Patton Chapel Road, Suite 101

Birmingham, AL 35216




Dr. Howard announces the release of his first fiction thriller:

Perception as Reality: The Life & Times of Tedy Merrill

Available on Amazon in hardback, paperback, & Kindle



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